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Jan Peter Balkenende
Ministre-président Pays-Bas
Né/Née: 1956 Pays-Bas
Enfants: 1
  • Annuel: € 750.000,00
  • Mensuel: € 62.500,00
  • Hebdomadaire: € 14.423,00
  • Journalier: € 2.055,00
Note: the VIP Salary Check is based on a 5 days working week and 2 weeks holiday per year.
Balkenende was the Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 22 July 2002 until 14 October 2010. His salary was approximately 130.000 euro. Former Dutch Cabinet members are entitled to a reduced pay for up to four years. In the first year it is eighty percent of the former salary (about 120,000 euros), seventy percent in subsequent years. Once they have a new job, the new income offset against the retainer.
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